He sent His Word and healed them. Psalm 107:20

"This is my testimony..... DON'T GIVE UP. Those 3 words have been my daily mantra. Don't give up, don't give up, don't give up. Even sobbing in excruciating pain I'd still repeat that over and over. It was my prayer, my plea. I refused to accept that this was how I would live out the rest of my life! God and I had many a late night talk. I'd rant, rave, cry, plead, beg and threaten. He never left my side and I still heard, don't give up. So I didn't. I didn't give up and now it's over. One week ago today Amy prayed for me and God healed me. In only a matter of seconds He fixed me. I. Am. HEALED! I've not taken one pain pill, used any pain cream and not even an ibuprofen. No pain at all! Anywhere! God didn't just heal my pain. He fixed my body! I have strength where there was puny weakness before. My tendons grew back, my back adjusted, my hip adjusted, my nerves grew back and became healthy and fully functioning and my leg, that was TWO inches shorter than the right, grew. Not only can I walk but I can walk with NO pain and there's no waddle since my legs are now the same length. 2 years ago I was given a prophecy that my leg would be healed and it would be like my injury "never was". So, guess what. It's perfect. PREFECT! Like there was never an injury or damage at all. I AM HEALED! I know there are others just like me. In a dark place filled with pain, depression, anger, thoughts of suicide and no hope left...don't give up. He hears you!" - Heather, of Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

Julia's Testimony

"God has definitely used Amy Kemp to bring about healing in my body. For 10 years, I suffered with a fractured jaw that caused limitations on what food I could eat. I recently had x-rays made and the doctors confirm that the fractures are not only healed but there is no evidence of the fractures even being there. I am now able to eat freely, pain free. I previously walked with a cane and now I am also pain free in my back, hip and throughout my body” said Julia, of Tyler, Texas.

Other Testimonies

"After having coughed for almost five years which ended up being pneumonia, I decided to see a doctor. After going through three doctors, I didn't have any relief. I finally decided to turn it over to the Lord. Amy came and prayed for my healing. The Holy Spirit came down and touched me. Today, I'm cough free and I'm breathing just fine." said Grace of Henderson, Texas.

"I ruptured my ear drum and was in intense pain. I didn't have any insurance. After Amy prayed, all the pain left and my ear opened up and today I hear perfectly" said Regina Lewis, now living in North Carolina.

Melissa healed from eczema

Arthritis Healed

Hip and Back Healed

Anders healed from pain from torn tendons in right knee

Hip Healed

Healed in shoulders, back, and stomach (Spanish with English translation)

Fransico healed from arthritis

Andrea's lungs healed

Born Deaf Healed

Lady healed from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Tumor necrosis disappeared

Joy healed from broken back. She rose from wheelchair whole.

Deaf Man Healed

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